LIC’s JEEVAN AKSHAY (Single Premium Policy) plan which is giving higher rate of interest than Bank FDs.(Bank interest 6.5% aprox as on June 2017). LIFE TIME 7% APROX GUARANTEED IMMEDIATE PENSION upto your life & then to your spouse life time.No TDS is the attractive feature which is not offered by any Financial Institution. *Morever a very attractive hidden feature of this plan is that your hard earn money is always with you and nobody(any family member or otherwise person) can pressure you emotionally or by any other way to give them this money because the invested money will be refunded to your nominees only after you and your spouse & both of you will enjoy the whole life penson till life as per the provison of this plan.And also your nominees will may serve you more better in old age because you have right to change nominee any time. COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE Agewise return for a One Time investment of Rs. 10 lakhs Age – Yly pension 50 – 69050 60 – 69650 70 – 70550 80 – 71950 Plan is available from age 30 to 100 years. *Pension rates are Fix but banks interest rates are likely to be reduced in future because our INDIA is going to be develop country very soon & in all develop countries of the world bank intetest rates are 0.25%- 3% aprox & we must be follow their banking policy(due to international rules & regulations). Your one call will secure you higher rate & mental piece in old age, if still not taken benefit of this opportunity?…Pls call/msg me NOW Thank you & Regards. -Vineet Mittal(Galaxy Club Member, MDRT & Chief Life Insurance Advisor LIC) Saharanpur 9837043099, 9219661301 ??